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Flamenco Boston!

Flamenco Boston was founded in 2007. The organization's goal is to bring flamenco to the Boston area by providing dance classes and performances. Flamenco is an eclectic art form originating from the cultural melting pot that was the South of Spain, blending together the influences of the Andalusians, Moors, Sephardic Jews, Indians, and Gypsies. Being the music of the outcasts, emotionally, it can be likened to early blues. It’s often characterized by the dynamic and rhythmic footwork of the dancer, intricate playing of the guitarist, and emotional cries of the singer. Flamenco Boston is rooted in the traditions of flamenco yet employ modern harmonizations and executions of the iconic rhythms.  With their own original compositions and interpretations of traditional verses, the group showcases the various styles and wide emotional range that this art form has to offer, through a contemporary perspective. 

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Isabel Stover Trio
Later Event: April 18
JP Sings the Blues